Turn Coats Based Anime List

I’ve been told to make this list for a while, so now I’m going to finally buckle down and do it. There’s a lot of Anime out there that goes over important themes, and the nature of the world. As such I have created this list with the intent that each show isolates a number of specific ideas that it’s important for us to learn. Like many genres, some of the material is feel-good trash, some of the material is intelligent, but meaningless. However every now and then there is a story that explores the philisophical complexity of specific ideas that’s very difficult to do in classical dry philisophical texts. Each anime on this list will highlight specific ideas, and concepts that are important to explore in order to better understand the world in which we live.

Similarly, this list is being written now, on the eve of the inauguration of a highly contested presidency and fundamental existential threat to the West. These are ideas critical to our people moving forward, and as such I strongly recommend going over some of these in your spare time while stacking mags or between training. It’s important not only to know what we’re fighting for, but why we’re fighting, and what the potential ramifications of that fight are. This list will be in reverse order, so those who see it would do themselves a service watching it from the bottom up.

Goblin Slayer

Slay the beast.

Goblin slayer is, above all else, Honest. It’s an honest look at evil, and at the single-minded requirements of dealing with it. While the anime takes place in a DnD fantasy world, right down to characters having classes rather than names, it portrays a starkly gritty reality. The protagonist is not above utilizing lateral thinking or unconventional solutions when it comes to doing what needs to be done: Making goblins into dead goblins. Throughout the last century the degeneracy of the boomers has created this “shades of grey” mentality when it comes to war and violence. A mentality that is founded entirely in the numerous unjust wars for self righteous jewish globalists they were forced to participate in. Goblin slayer looks at the real gritty truth, victory matters. Not honor, or dignity, victory. The righteous do what is necessary to crush evil absolutely, without remorse, without compromise, without mercy. This single minded mentality of doing what must be done serves our people well, and breaks us free of the moral shackles laid upon our people for over a century.

  • Watch the first episode, and if that does not sell you on it, nothing will.
  • Watch the dubbed version in english, the characterization is far better and more enjoyable.

Made in Abyss

Ever forward, Only Forward.

Made in Abyss is probably one of the best anime to appear for its year. With extreme detailed and likable characters, it’s generally fun. More importantly, Made in Abyss is written in such a way that the Faustian Spirit is on full display. The characters willingly choose to take on impossible tasks that far outmatch their capabilities. In some way there is motivation, but in other ways the characters are simply climbing down to the edge of the world merely because they can. They want to see what’s there. She doesn’t have to, she isn’t forced to by anything but her own fundamental need to travel beyond the horizon. The protagonist is among the faustiest female characters ever written, and will not stop moving forward. While it begins as a light children’s show, it becomes very apparent prior to the end that it is anything but and has some of the most intense scenes of any anime. The fact that it speaks to the faustian spirit, and the fact that the characters display such rugged focus on completing their tasks speaks to something deep in the European soul.

  • If you are taken in by the unfolding world building and mysteries presented in the first episode, this show is definitely for you.
  • Sub. or Dub. not really a strong preference. The sub. is a little better.

Girls Und Panzer

Reforge the European Spirit

This is often classified as a fun underdog sports anime about cute girls driving tanks… which is true on the surface. In general, this show is best watched by some one who already has a substantial knowledge of historical tanks and warfare as the amount of subtext is beyond substantial. If one is willing to read into the choices made by the writers when it comes to various tanks, attitudes, and tasks, the first season is about a number of dissident germans; Uniting the European peoples, Discarding old traditions that failed, building a new culture of European exceptionalism, and becoming greater together than they ever were alone. Then the movie which takes place after the first season is about that group of United Europeans utilizing that new culture to overthrow globalist interests seeking to destroy them. Girls Und Panzer is, as metaphor, one of the more uplifting anime you’re likely to see. It shows the children of Europe doing what they were born to do: fighting back against the forces that seek our destruction by uniting under a new banner, shedding our broken post-enlightenment ideals, and becoming something new. Becoming ourselves.

  • I don’t think there’s a lot to say, it’s what it says on the box on the face of it: cute girls shooting at each-other with WWII era tanks. If it sounds like it would be up your alley, give it a whirl. If the high and mighty ideals discussed above seem like they’d be up your alley, read up on historical battles involving tanks, and various nations in WWII and then give it a whirl.
  • Preferentially: the sub. is better than the dub.

Prison School

Brothers in the face of adversity.

Prison School was recommended by Murdoch Murdoch during an AMA. Much as was said there, it is a show that discusses gender relations and brotherhood. The fact of the matter is that women, now given a chance at power in Western Civilization seek not egalitarianism, but wish to punish men for perceived sleights. That malicious behavior is well represented in Prison School and will be quite recognizable to any one unfortunate enough to have attended an academic institution. Simultaneously, Prison School is representative of brotherhood in the face of such adversity. We should not be atomized, seeking to hide in video games and past-times. Young men must stand together, look out for each other, and be willing and able to unify against the corrupt feminist institutions we’re forced to live in. While Prison School does not discuss ideas substantially more complex than that, it is necessary for many young men to come to terms with the fact that they must, every day, face down numerous institutions run by feminist hags who hate them. If we are to survive as a people, we must be willing to support one another, even in the face of institutions and leadership that want us gone.

  • Yes, this show gets quite lewd in some parts, something to be aware of. For others it’s sufficiently titillating to hold their interest. Just don’t get caught watching it at work.
  • The dub is actually pretty good, I strongly recommend it.

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

War with the establishment.

This is a show that takes place in a world where moral puritans have banned all lewd words and dirty jokes resulting in the youth getting very creative in expressing themselves. While obviously a semi-lewd anime, there are a few important lessons to be studied here. Not least of all is a methodology for creating clandestine groups of dissidents who are willing to act against a powerful authoritarian establishment. Simultaneously this anime places on full display that often it is the elites who are the most spiritually weak when dealing with that which they hate. While there’s no training manual, the methods of making ones self known to those of like-mind and acting against the establishment are important to understand. Cognitive dissidents must be careful, but must also not be inactive. While dangerous, the process of building networks around yourself is rewarding and powerful. Actions as simple as the “It’s Okay To Be White” slogans posted across numerous academic campuses are surprisingly powerful in swaying public sentiment. While Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai has a weak ending; cowardice in the face of doing what must be done, the methodology is a good example of the creation of a small scale clandestine organization acting against a powerful authoritarian system. [Hint hint].

  • Like Prison School, this anime is quite lewd and can be somewhat childish. Don’t get caught watching it at work.
  • Sub. or Dub. Both are fine.

Girls Last Tour

Freedom in a broken world.

Girls Last Tour is another show that features the Faustian Spirit where a pair of young girls are on a journey to the top of the world without really knowing why. Even more importantly, this show stands in contrast to many of the others on this list. While a show like “Psyhco-Pass” provides us with a ‘bad’ ending to our civilization, Girls Last Tour demonstrates how even total destruction would be preferable. In a cold snowy wasteland, there is still freedom, hope, and a drive to be better. Not beholden to any great power, not protected by any authority, freedom to explore a broken world is better than being crushed by an authoritarian one that hates you. Girls Last Tour is honest about the necessities of violence in the context of that freedom. It is one of the best shows to demonstrate that friendship, hope, and success are not depend upon modern luxuries. Given that we may have to make that choice: the total destruction of all modern infrastructure vs. becoming perpetual slaves to a system that sees individuals as statistics, Girls Last Tour will, I hope, provide those on the fence with a clear image of which path forward is the moral one.

  • I personally like to think that Girls Last Tour is a sequel to Psycho-Pass.
  • The subtitled version is recommended, though both are acceptable. They just sound cuter in the sub.

Suisei no Gargantia 

Flaws make us who we are.

Suisei No Gargantia is one of the more obscure anime on this list. Not a typical mecha anime, Suisei No Gargantia has a moral complexity to it that few other similar shows hold. It’s a discussion of the paths available to humanity moving forward, how we can alter ourselves, our technology, or choose to live in a more traditional life style. The show presents reasonable arguments for all three, and provides a discussion of what it is that truly makes us human. While it is not a digression into the faustian spirit, or the brotherhood of our people, Suisei No Gargantia, provides one of the most complete philisophical discussions on what we may consider doing if we win. If we manage to wrest back our destiny from those who seek our destruction and right mankinds path to the stars, where will that path take us? These ideas make up the backbone of the show.

  • Most of the important ideas become openly discussed toward the end. There’s a great deal of setup that doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere, but it is.
  • Sub. or Dub. I think the Sub. is better.

Psycho-Pass: Season 1

Free the Self

While other stories provide us with visions of virtue and liberty, psycho-pass does the opposite. Psycho pass gives to us a stark image of the world should we lose: A world in which algorithms and centralized artificial systems run peoples lives, and where people know no different. There is substantial appreciation for the inclusion of small details in this show that makes the attentive watcher painfully aware of the digitally authoritarian soulless materialism at play. Simultaneously we follow a cast of protagonists who fight on behalf of the corrupt system. In many ways Psycho-Pass is representative of those we are likely to fight who seek to preserve a broken system out of a perceived moral duty to preserve normalcy. While the antagonists of Psycho-Pass demonstrate the creativity, sheer fucking gaul, and utilization of resources required by those who wish to damage such all-encompassing systems of control. There’s some good ideas in there for those of you who wish to do the same.

  • I like to imagine that Psycho-Pass precedes ‘Girls Last Tour’ and that they take place in a shared universe.
  • No preference for the Dubbed or Subbed version of this show.

Gurren Lagann

We are a people who can, and will, do the impossible.

It’s difficult to discuss Gurren Lagann without substantial spoilers, yet here I will make my best attempt. While the initial appearance of the show is that of childish fun, it has some of the most potent forms of positive propaganda, articulate metaphor, and mature analogy that any eastern anime has ever created. It speaks to something primal in the faustian western soul while simultaneously providing an honest and charitable interpretation of allies who do not fall into that category. Even more importantly it has a positive outlook on life even in the most dire of circumstances where we are seemingly totally outmatched by overwhelming opponents. Throughout history our people have done the impossible, there is no reason we cannot again rise to that occasion. Gurren Lagann can act as a spiritual guide for our people, in doing what must be done, what is necessary, even at the expense of our own lives. It provides a spiritual model for honoring the dead, while going on living. It provides a model for both childish dynamism and mature focus through an over-the-top story. In many ways Gurren Lagann is like the Illiad was in ancient Greece. A story held not as casual fiction but as a series of metaphors for spiritual well being.

As a great visionary European leader once stated that the nature of man is struggle, so does Gurren Lagann embrace that idea and bring it to the forefront. With allegories for our world concealed in every small facet of the culture and world in which it takes place. The fighting spirit of the individual being the Faustian expression of brazen rebuke for limitation. The beastmen as metaphor for the untermensch who seek our destruction due to their own ignorance. The boomers who would hold us back due to their own fear of change and bias towards normalcy. A view on gender that is honest, accurate, and more wholesome than any promoted by the Jewish trash regurgitated from hollywood. Even our true enemy, those who would use the progress and development of our civilization to repress its original builders, are accurately represented. For a focused mind who understands the condition of our people and civilization in this time of need, Gurren Lagann is one of the best pieces of fiction produced, both for its accuracy in metaphor, and reflection of the true spirit of our people, both good, and bad. While the visuals, characters, and drama seem childish as the show begins, keep watching through to the end and you’ll be glad you did.

  • Just go with the childish fun, it’ll be well worth it in retrospect. Definitely worth watching twice.
  • The Spiral at the heart of the OPA symbolism was chosen due to influence from Gurren Lagann.
  • Sub. is better, but the Dub. is perfectly acceptable.

Honorary: Murdoch Murdoch

I’ll always love you guys.

Making MurdochMurdoch an honorary title in this list seems fitting. While not produced in Japan (as far as we know) Murdoch Murdoch has more heart than just about anything else created in the last 20 years. It’s hard to understate how important and influential Murdoch Murdoch has been; in my life, in the lives of those around me, in my hopes and dreams for the future, and in our movement maturing as individuals and as a collective. Some people can simply point to a TV show or a movie that helped them understand the world and grow up. For many of us here, this was it. If you have not seen some of the murdoch murdoch episodes, go watch them. Some are dated and refer to current events from years ago. Some are effectively immortal. Best described, it’s the story of a group of friends, trying to find their way in the world, love their people, and do what’s right in the autumn of their civilization. There’s a reason it’s been banned far and wide on the internet, the ideas are too powerful, the jokes too funny, and the stories too wise for the lugenpresse to ever permit. If I had a hundred million dollars, I would build an animation studio just for these guys if I could figure out who they are. [If any of you guys ever read this, get in contact, you’re an inspiration to all of us.]

  • Start with the episode “Revenge of the Murdochs” or “Nice Guy National Socialist.” There are several timelines, and it’s sufficiently episodic that you won’t miss much if you skip around randomly. I miss them, I hope they make videos again some day soon.

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  • Watching all this is quite the homework assignment, professor! I completed Gurren Lagann and Murdoch Murdoch as of this post and as for those I’d give them an A+!

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