OPA: A people, A creed.

Not a religion, nor a broken people dashed upon the stones of a fallen civilization. We are something new, birthed from the ash of Western civilization.

Standing Tall

Your most precious possession in this world is your own people. And for those people you will never give up, you will never weaken, and you will never surrender.  We are a single expanded family of faustian idealists and philisophical optimists.  We will not be held to account by any human power.  We are free, we were born free, we will live free, and we will die free.  We recognize that our fate is greater than mere materialistic acquisition of resources unto death.  There is family, there is discovery, and there is conquest.  Our blood is that of conquerors, and we pass that forward to the next generation. We carry with us purpose, in not merely the preservation of a people, but in our peoples birthright; cosmic lebensraum.

We adhere to the duties of the virtuous, of the unconquered, of free men.

It is our duty to bear arms, train, and be ready to defend ourselves, our families, and our sovereign people.

It is our duty to love our family, our people, and our shared faustian heritage and history.

It is our duty to provide reasonable hospitality to other sons of the OPA

It is our duty to survive, as individuals, as families, as a culture, and as a people.

It is our duty to uphold virtue in our public lives and live as examples to lesser men that they might one day be our equals.

It is our duty to speak out in the face of evil, to interrupt it, and to act as impenetrable barriers to it.

It is our duty to accept that there is a higher power, and that we act in service to ideals greater than ourselves.

It is our duty to maintain strong networks and let none of our own be forgotten or abandoned in the fog of war.

It is our duty to minimize dependencies on the greater civilization that foreign corruption does not take root within us.

It is our duty to learn the weapons of our enemies, and master them.

Those who might join us must be vetted.  They must have a love for European heritage.  They must have a familiarity with, and interest in, the philisophical histories of that heritage.  They must be able to love their own people, and be ready to accept others within the OPA as brothers and sisters.  They must be ready, willing, and able, to point to the liars, parasites, and traitors who would threaten or poison our people, and be willing to stop that slow death by any means necessary.  Once vetted, they must be sworn to the creed.

We are a single people, we are brothers and sisters of the frozen earth, children of the snow born and tempered to be the best of men.  We have survived generations of suffering, generations of pain, and generations of hardship, we still survive.  It is our duty now to take the wisdom of the past and carry it into the future as a beacon luminous against the encroaching dark we may find ourselves in.  Hold faith that there is light at the end of this eternal tunnel, it is a place, distant perhaps, but as beautiful and bright as the unconquered sun.  We carry on our shoulders the weight of generations past, not as a burden, but as a flame that might be preserved for the children of the future. 

Unbroken Memories

Notes and definitions;

Duties are within reasonable expectations of an individual, none of us are gods.

Training is a continuous process, it is necessary to maintain training to keep skills useful and updated. 

Virtue is defined as the traditional patrician virtues; Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude, Justice, Nobility, Bravery, and Purity. 

The weapons of our enemies are both physical objects, abstract ideas, and skills; talmudry, propaganda, and violence, are all powerful weapons.  

Dependencies are necessities and semi-necessities for which one must rely on globalist or corporate interests to fulfill. Chemical dependencies, skill dependencies, and material dependencies on a corrupt civilization are a weakness, not only to the self, but to ones entire kine.  Here, in the twenty first century at the autumn of western civilization total reliance on prescription medications, addictions, an inability to maintain your own computational security, vehicles, or equipment are all common dependencies that should be minimized.

A strong network is defined such that numerous individuals share lines of communication.  We must operate in such a fashion that any one of us can contact any other with no more than three degrees of separation.  Leadership is not necessary outside of special operations, the creed, and our brothers within it, are what matters. Similarly, we must do what we can to harden these lines of communication against interruption.

The Love for our families, our people, and our shared heritage is defined as an unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the good of others such as a fatherly concern, brotherly, or, in a religious context, gods benevolent concern for our kine.

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  • I completely reject any ideal other than the furtherance of your own life. Your life is the only one you can live. Typically kin are the most important part of it but it’s still 100% yours.

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