On Overthrowing Cultural Marxism

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Cultural Marxism will not be purged in a day. American Cultural Marxism was not built in a day; it made a slow, painful march through white protestant institutions.

Any country that hopes to purge Cultural Marxism must have some national ideal to follow. In the USA, I argue the ideal should be white protestant culture.

White protestant culture will not be rebuilt in a day. The present essay only considers the USA; presumably Cultural Marxism should be purged from all other countries in whatever manner would be appropriate for them; this essay considers only white protestant ideals.

Getting all Jews out of the USA would be more difficult than changing sexual mores, and so the present essay considers a relatively small change, namely a change to sexual mores without removal of all Jews. Thus the present essay assumes that some Jews would be able to behave properly in a white protestant country. Some Jews (e.g. Roman Polanski, Bernie Madoff, Jeffrey Epstein) might be unsavable and intolerable, but other Jews (e.g. Alan Sabrosky) that prove loyalty to white culture would be retained.

Sexual mores are not natural; current sexual customs in the USA are enforced by lawyers (especially divorce lawyers) and psychologists. The lawyers demand that white protestant families be destroyed and the psychologists attempt to brainwash everyone into believing that white protestant culture is unjust. Modern Americans are not promiscuous by instinct; most of them ARE promiscuous but only because psychologists have been subverting the culture for decades.

Some social power must simultaneously undercut the current powers of lawyers and psychologists. If a judge has used divorce to destroy the USA, then that judge must not be permitted to retain judge status. The current system gives judges and psychological authorities tremendous authority but very little responsibility. If judges and lawyers could be debarred for life at their first offense, the USA would be a very different place.

Even if the central federal government is on the side of Cultural Marxism, the purge might yet succeed. However, the purge cannot be successful unless the mass of Americans are consciously against Cultural Marxism. The power of the people will come when the man in the street hears any complaint about society and sourly retorts: “Why does degeneracy surprise you? Our society is run by Cultural Marxists!” “Drag queen story hour” will stop when drag queens cannot attend “drag queen story hour” because an overwhelming number of people tell them: “Degenerates like you belong on a cross. For legal purposes, that’s a joke.

If these changes could be made, the USA would still have judges and lawyers and psychologists. However, none of them would be able to safely abuse their social roles to promote Cultural Marxism. That would be sufficient to greatly roll back the damage that has been done to sexual mores since the time of Freud. Divorce would be a terrible risk, feared by women just as much as it is currently feared by men. But that would only be the beginning. Zealous protestant activism would be required to restore protestant culture. The man in the street would have to learn to say, instinctively, “We’ve got to protect our communities from anyone preaching Cultural Marxism, just like we’ve got to protect our communities from child molesters.” The considerable overlap between Cultural Marxists and child molesters presents an educational opportunity. After a short time of equating Cultural Marxism to its many practical manifestations as sexual perversions, Americans would refuse to allow Cultural Marxist psychologists to practice. Many media outlets would need to be dismantled around this time.

The final cultural battle would be for men to regain an understanding of pride in their own sexual restraint. When a typical lustful man turns down a loose woman, saying, “I don’t want to soil myself with you, because you are a degenerate,” then sexual mores will have returned to their previous health. After that battle had been won, it would be possible to punish women severely for sexual degeneracy, but it would not be necessary in most cases. Nearly all girls and women would have already understood that sexual degeneracy is tantamount to Cultural Marxism, and that the USA will not tolerate Cultural Marxism.

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