Nashville Goes Kaboom

News reacts to the explosion in Nashville on Christmas. Merry Christmas, by the way.

Dogman Says: The Wikileaks revealed that AT&T has a ton of sites they allow the INTEL agencies to use. And the buildings in question during the attack was one of them. The attack also had a huge warning for people to gtfo of there meaning it wasn’t about hurting people but property. What should be stated is that this is NOT terrorism in the traditional sense

Turn Coat Says: Given that there was a LOT of effort put into minimizing casualties (none were killed), it seems like a right wing attack. Designed to send a message, not designed to hurt people. Lefties operate in terrorist mobs and psy-ops maximize casualties so the media can spin it. This is neither, so I find it likely it’s one of /ourguys/ at this point.

Potato Says: “Now I want more.”

Badger Says: It doesn’t feel like terrorism. terrorism is about sending a message through terror. this is just an act of guerrilla warfare or maybe it is a play of 4d chess from the government agencies that are trying to pull some shit again. I am conflicted if it’s just “professionalism” as expect of the government or a right winger trying to minimize casualties. either way I am very interested who will be the media’s scapegoat on this one.

Unelectable Says: It’s a weird event for sure, the Nashville explosion. Most bombers don’t go out of their way to evacuate the area before detonation. It’s completely antithetical to the Muslim MO for instance, and shows a strange regard for random people in the area. Then the fact that the building itself is a weird choice on the surface – an AT&T server location – has spawned rumors that it was an intelligence operations point or was associated with Dominion. While the explosion was seemingly very large, I don’t know the extent of the damage to whatever its target was. Those saying it was a false flag seems very unlikely given the effort made to prevent the loss of human life, whereas a false flag is most effective when causing mass loss of human life to mimic normal terrorism – Oklahoma, Unibomber, Muslim attacks all have a longer shelf life in popular memory precisely because of the loss of human life. This one in contrast will be largely forgotten within a month unless something significant otherwise is uncovered about it.

Maybe the attempt to prevent the loss of human life was to ensure it could be brushed away more easily (Americans simply don’t pay attention to anything less than “death” when it comes to these kinds of attacks). Maybe it was simply to draw in a lot of security forces to then take whatever it is they wanted, whether that is a good thing or a bad thing would be hard to tell given how mixed-up all the bullshit is today. Maybe it was corporate espionage from Dominion to sabotage evidence against itself. It’s all very speculative at the moment and I haven’t looked into any details of it really.

Updates: Ongoing, last updated at Dec. 26, 6:00 pm Eastern.

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