Mostly Peaceful Protestors at Capital Hill Peacefully Occupy Hall of Congress

Turn Coat: This is going to be a huge clusterfuck. The Left will take this as Carte Blanche to seize power. They don’t give a fuck, they’re going to go after conservative senators, conservative executives, and conservative citizens. They were shaken by this expression of patriotic pride, and they hate that more than anything else. Gamergate threatened them, so they threw everything they had at a bunch of trolls on a relatively unknown mongoling basket weaving board. Now they’ve been threatened in their own halls of power. Leftists are inherently cowardly, and violent, and they will go after every one.

We’re already seeing it with the new articles of impeachment, them throwing the book at any of those ‘evil terrorist’ trespassers. The talking heads on the television are 80% people whose names end in ‘stein’ or ‘berg’. The Left is going to attempt to destroy, and purge, and eliminate any and all dissent to their (((corrupt power.)))

Yet here we stand, they were scared once, once, and now it’s total war. We on the right see they will lie, cheat, steal, and engage in the most disgusting acts. They’ll not just threaten a few powerful politicians, but all of us. The Right is out of options for peaceful resolution. So be it. We’ve been readying ourselves for this for no small period of time. Indeed, many of us here have hoped for this quantity of acceleration for years. Let it be. Stack mags. Buy ammunition. Make friends. Things are going to be very interesting over the next few years, and whoever wins, the status quo is ended. Hopefully historians will look back at this as a patriotic attempt to restore balance… but if we lose, they’ll look back at it as a violent mobs of white supremacist terrorist unjustly attacking the peaceful and honest senators. The winners write history. Playing the game honorably doesn’t matter, victory does.

Peaceful Protest, or Riot? Let the talking heads decide for you!
[It’s the one on the left, encase you’re wondering]

Badger Says: This looks good people are finally acting. maybe we can even get the long promised civil war 2. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time now and i really hope this is going to develop in to something bigger if not a civil war then at least it’s a showcase of power and what we’re capable of. i really hope they’re scared and i hope they’ve finally realized that our patience is tickling away day by day i hope we’ll see more events like this in the future.

Turn Coat Continues: They’ll ramp up internet censorship… but now the blindfold is off you can’t put it back on. So a lot of conservatives will move platforms. The only platforms available will be those we’ve already built on the far right. Places like GAB, MINDS, Etc. We’ll control those spaces, redpills a plenty. Cryptocurrency will have to enter use as many conservatives will lose access to banking. The Tech elite will keep trying to clamp down, responses to that clamp down will grow more extreme and violent.

Dogman Says: [In reference to the mass purging of social media] It’s a coup. Trump reminds me of one of those pussy kings who abdicates before a communist revolution. Not really a nationalist, not really a leader, not really a right winger, hell barely even a native but somehow a symbol of all of it.

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