NewsReacts: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies

Reactions to the news [updated as reactions appear]

Turn Coat Writes: Ginsberg has been one of the greatest promoters of womens suffrage, 2nd amendment destruction, and general filthy jewry for the last fifty years. Ding Dong, the witch is dead. That said, this death, coming so late in the election, will create one of the largest wedge issues of the Trump presidency. With his ratings already sky-high, the skull-fuckery that’s about to happen from the Democratic party is going to be truly spectacular. I have no idea how this will all pan out, all I now know is that it’s possible for the Supreme Court of the United States to come to a 4-4 draw during the election. This is a flashpoint, and it’s going to be highly unpredictable. Don’t run short on ammunition.

Brooklyn Writes: How tf can i make a reaction on some old broad dying when she was prolly gonna die soon anyways? was it a murder? did she die cuz she’s an old bitch? really. how do i make a reaction on something that will prolly get minimum coverage cuz if it was a murder, obviously they wouldn’t want word of someone getting that close to her and end her. if it was death by natural cause, then who gives a shit?

N of 1 Writes: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing is that of an icon, an icon of the sexual revolution and culturally compelled careerism for women. Feminism is even by the standards of neo-Marxism a distinctly jewish phenomenon; it can be seen as an imposition of the race’s reverse psychosexual dimorphism on their host population. For the jewess it is often not enough to confine her outsized matronliness to the household, it spills over onto the broader society, manifesting as the devouring mother. The prey has been millions of fetuses, many of them Jewish, though ultimately whites suffer worse for it demographically, as the latter fails to follow the former’s reproductive barbell strategy of high outbreeding on the population’s periphery around a hyper-ethnocentric and fecund core. I lived for seven months in Crown Heights Brooklyn, home to the headquarters of Chabad Lubavitch and believe me, I saw a whole bunch of bubelehs.

Ginsburg’s jurisprudence was an especially callous activism. Her staunch advocacy for mass legalization of abortion is well-known and painfully so to religious conservatives, but notable also was the precedence she placed on the supremacy of Federal power vis-a-vis the states, even at the expense of advancing what are considered socially liberal causes. Ginsburg authored the majority opinion on whether the Federal government has the right to override California’s legalization of medicinal marijuana. The decision contained the verbiage “there is no constitutional right to be free from excruciating pain”. Ginsburg was not an unattractive woman in her youth, but physiognomic convergence eventually caught up with her and by the time she died she looked like a decrepit vulture or perhaps more illustrative to this blog’s typical reader, a female skeksis from the Dark Crystal. Such is the constitution of a pro-life antipode.

Ruthie did perhaps one good thing with her life: Dying in perfect propitiousness. When it rains it pours, and the “wild” fires in the western US were a relative reprieve in the Roland Emmerich disaster movie that 2020 has unfolded as. This disaster this time of course is for the feminists. There is now a very high likelihood that Roe v Wade will be overturned, meaning that God forbid, their Molechian murder ritual might actually be fully prohibited somewhere. Feminists represent the dregs of both the white and jewish populations; the former at their most treasonous, the latter at the apogee of their social superpredation. Do yourself a favor and let the schadenfreude pour out from you as their blood-famished harpie shrieks echo through the citadels of the chattering classes. Stock up on the popcorn, population; the final leg of the election is going to be delicious.

King Dogman writes: My first thought is that her death is a good thing. It slows the creeping approach of the left , demoralized their base, and gives Trump another appointment that might benefit us. My second thought goes to worries about what a Trump appointment might really mean. Conservatives are not our allies in the big picture and I’m not entirely sure how this will really benefit us as rule of law has little meaning to me. Regardless of the strategic value, this stands a sort of a symbolic victory for the right, the death of the old Jewish liberalism

Potato writes: It’s a shame this creature was allowed to die of old age.

Taco Cat Writes: Hm, idk really. Sad she died as a person but hopefully the country better from it.

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