MagaBoomers just scared THE SHIT out of some Powerful People.

Real talk; the Trump March last night was huge, it was organic, and was The People (TM) standing up for their rights despite media lies and intimidation, despite threats by the elites pet street brawlers, despite a complete lockdown on social media, and despite the attempted destruction of our nation.

Misguided patriot attacked by subhuman animals [2020 Colorized]

… this is going to scare the SHIT out of some very powerful people. They do not like it, the last time this happened was in the 60s with George Lincoln Rockwell at the helm. They assassinated GLR because he was a threat to their globohomo agenda. There will be a forthcoming response to tonights festivities. I’ve been trying to analyze exactly how this is likely to happen and what form it will take. They can’t run a media smear campaign because the citizenry has rejected the controlled media. They can’t lock down social media any more than they already have. They can’t assassinate the leader because the leader is the sitting president.

This leads to some other questions. In order to control The People (TM) they’re going to need to institute new procedures. Based on what we’ve already seen, that’s likely to take the form of management at the local level rather than control at the national level. Make it cost-heavy to engage in non-approved forms of protest. The first thing that we’ll see is the vast reduction of cross-state movement. Already California and Washington have instituted a travel advisory and recommended 14 day quarantine after interstate travel.

We will see more travel-based quarantine orders, and we will see more enforcement of those orders going forward. If they allow many more Million-Maga-Marches across state borders (((they))) will be done. When conservatives functionally organize like this in a (relatively) leaderless fashion it becomes a direct threat to the power structure.

We’re also likely to see what little leadership there is censored, economically censored, and possibly arrested by federal alphabet boys. It’s very easy to find something to charge some one with. It doesn’t even need to stick, it just needs to be distracting. Set a court date, have a lawyer, be forced to keep your mouth shut so you win the case. It’s easy to throw a few legal cases at some of the leadership and see what sticks and that’s very likely, especially in democrat-controlled states.

If you don’t already have friends and ammunition, make them, and buy them. We are shortly entering an era where normal life will require extralegal activity. The Right can no longer function as reactionaries, they must begin acting in a proactive fashion. While many of these magaboomers don’t have the faintest idea what’s happening or why, they will make up the backbone of the Force that will be required in order to retain sufficient individual liberties to make a stand at any point in the future.


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