Citizens Arrest of Governor Whitmer?

Turn Coat Writes Beware of fedposters and beware of traitors. Although realistically this is all just an “October surprise” set up by the feds ages ago… they wanted to have some group “far right extremists” to vilify. So they created one.

Nof1 Writes. I’m genuinely surprised that there doesn’t appear to be so much as an attempt to tie this group to white nationalism, neither on the part of Fox News nor that of the authorities. In the former’s case, maybe because “Fox” happens to also be the surname of one of the accused? All their names sound white. “Wolverine Watchmen” sounds very ComiCon to me. They seem pretty lame overall but who knows how much entrapment is going on with something like this? The authorities are always looking to pad their foiled terror plot counts. I hope someone does succeed in killing someone like Whitmer though and finally bringing the Boogaloo upon us. I’m itching to gut a few globohomos.

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