China Bad: A Plea to the Compassionate Left

For all the recent complaints about white people, you have to admit that the Chinese are worse.


Since long before they found out about Communism, the cultural worldview of the Chinese has been rooted in the assumption of their right to global hegemony, without any real justification why the world should belong to them. Whereas the West can sort of begin to evidence a kind of superiority by the fact we’ve developed unprecedented, life-changing technologies and then spread worldwide the values of the enlightenment, what exactly has China done for the world at large to earn them the sense of supremacy they carry with them?


Whereas white colonists created such lofty moral constructs for themselves as “the white man’s burden”, the Chinese feel absolutely no responsibility to benefit the populations which they consider inferior to themselves. To them, it is all just a matter of business. Their complete lack of scruples, their willingness to abide by the letter of the law but by any means possible to trespass the spirit of it, and the sheer number of their own corpses the Chinese are willing to create to maintain ‘order’: these things give them a tremendous advantage against the West in its current state.

The West is, right now, spread thin across the globe in a completely futile attempt to spread our gift of freedom. Meanwhile, at home, the compassion which was once our strength has been turned against itself.

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Now our compassion sees us being taken advantage of as the world’s dumping ground for the marginalized populations of every other nation. Now our compassion sees us driven into trillions of dollars of debt in order to police and appease peoples, at home and abroad, who did not earn freedom for themselves, thus never adapted to freedom, and therefore can’t compete within the free-market framework we keep imposing on them. Our compassion has turned completely desperate and neurotic, as we expend resources we don’t have to help people we can’t help, all so we can stave off the impending need to address our own dysfunctionality. Our compassion has seen us discarding the harsh facts about our own history, hiding from the dog-eat-dog realities of the world we live in, and clawing at the throats of any of our own who dare point out these now distasteful truths.

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And so while most people think we are on at least tentatively amicable terms with China, China is entirely aware that they are in fact waging war against the entire world, and especially the United States. Using debt to enchain foreign regimes, strategically investing in wide swaths of foreign real estate, sowing discord via election-influencing propaganda, and capitalizing on resources the West is too self-righteous to take for itself, China continues to put itself into an ever more perfect position to retake its role as “the Center Kingdom”. And again, for all the faults of white people, whereas Westerners as a whole possess the self-awareness to feel guilty for our sins, and still carry the remnants of some precepts of ‘honor’, the Chinese as a whole lack these traits completely. Their almost sociopathic lack of empathy is now driven by a capitalistic greed so raw and pure that it would seem cartoonish to the average Westerner.

And so while the West declines in power, self-flagellating and cursing itself into oblivion, the Chinese are out there waiting patiently for our collapse. This is why Xi was able to abolish term limits for himself. Because the elite in China know all too well that a collapse of the American economy is on the horizon, and that while this collapse would at first be extremely damaging to China’s economy, if they can somehow maintain a hold on their people (which China is perfectly willing to accomplish through inhumanitarian means), then after the dust settles, they will stand virtually unchallenged as leader of all that remain.

And believe you me, the Chinese-governed world will be far less compassionate than the world Westerners are accustomed to. Compassion will be synonymous with weakness. Our systems of guilt and honor and fairness will be replaced with systems of merely shaming those who were foolish enough to get caught. The light that was alive in Western civilization will be handily extinguished with a boot to the face, by a single party system in a culture and race whose entire contribution to technology has been the creation of more effective methods of censorship and quashing rebellion.


In the past it has been true that when a leader became too horrible, eventually the people would revolt and hold the leadership accountable (usually with death). But do please note, this dynamic of rebellion is not written forever into the code of the universe. One day, with the use of technology, rebellion could in fact become impossible. Through the use of automated surveillance, enforcement, and protection systems, (likely centered around already-existing AI and machine learning technologies) a group could hold leadership essentially into perpetuity. The first group to realize and implement these technologies will in all likelihood throw the vast majority of their population into a dark age from which there truly is no escape, since the leaders in such a system can be as shitty as they want and never be held accountable. And how much worse it would be if these technologies were applied on a global scale. Yet, unscrupulous China has made it clear that its scientific and political interests lie in precisely this direction.

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The reality of the situation we find ourselves in is this; no matter how bad you think white people are, we have as part of our culture and identity such things as compassion, honor, and guilt, that make our societies more concerned with fairness and human well-being than many populations on this planet throughout history. Even those aspects of Western tendencies most decried today, such as our historically rampant expansionism, colonialism, imperialism, etc., all of these were softened to a tremendous extent by the very real compassion that exists in the heart of the European peoples, a compassion that, though often misguided, seems to have only grown stronger for as long as we’ve held power.

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In contrast, the Chinese have no such compassion in their dealings with other races and peoples. All you need to do is look at how they’re treating the native populations in Africa, and compare it to what white colonists did centuries ago. When the facade of economic partnership dissolves, the Chinese will again enslave and exterminate as they see fit. In the meantime, they will follow rules only as much as they are required to while unabashedly working towards world domination. And the final form of the Chinese global hegemony is undeniably the antithesis of what not only whites, but the human spirit craves. Inescapable fear and despair under an eternal, unaccountable, out-of-reach tyranny that redirects and weaponizes all innovative forces against its own population. No progress toward the stars. No progress in the inner spirit. All creative forces in the human psyche being stamped out to make way for the numbness of mind required to maintain sanity in such an inhuman existence.

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Even if the West somehow derails itself from its current trajectory of self-destruction, on the other side of that personal victory waits war. War the likes of which has never been seen, which will truly decide the fate and form of human existence on this planet for all time. And in all likelihood this war will come knocking at our door when we are least prepared for it. When we are at our weakest, our least unified, our most chaotic and confused. And so we will lose.
The only hope, for those who care for the compassion found in the Western spirit, and who wish to see love, not cruelty take hold on this planet and throughout the universe, is for the Western powers to stop their petty internal squabbling and unify against this global threat. What bearing do trans bathroom rights and abortion and even a proper healthcare system have in comparison with the cold and brutal world that awaits all our ‘marginalized’ groups under eternal Chinese rule? I’ll tell you. Nothing. Everything the West’s social justice warriors fight for will be completely moot if the United States of America is unable to prevent China from achieving world conquest.

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Now is not the time to be disarming our population, or demoralizing our males for the crime of being white. Now is the time when we should be strengthening ourselves. Bringing our troops home, nurturing our unique culture, strengthening our unity, strengthening our families and communities and our love for one another so that we know exactly what it is we’re fighting for.
I know how impossible this must sound to the people who hate their culture and hate their government and hate their ‘privilege’. Telling you that you have to love these things is no more practical than you telling me I have to feel love for some starving dude on the other side of the planet who I know nothing about. But you have to understand, our culture, our government, our wealth inequality are all things that white people will in all likelihood fix about themselves given enough time. The flame of compassion must burn within a significant portion of our overall population, or else all these human rights issues wouldn’t be given media attention. And not only that, but this flame must be growing, for while other races throughout history gained power and became ever more cruel, this does not seem to be the case with white people.

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That’s right girl! And you too little man. Stop hating yourselves. Guilt is one thing; it’s quite another to be suicidal. As long as we have compassionate people like yourselves within our ranks, doesn’t that kind of make whites a thing worth keeping? Doesn’t it make you kind of thankful it was us who founded the new world, us who created the internet, us who first made it into space? Because if it wasn’t us, it would have been somebody else. And you don’t get to choose what that ‘somebody else’ does with their newfound power.
So I ask you. Is it possible, for the sake of protecting our nascent, maturing compassion, for us all to come together as one people and strengthen ourselves for the coming test? Or will you let that wonderful light of compassion be stamped out of our genome by the merciless feet of a cold, pragmatic, techno-dictatorial Chinese world-hegemony? Free people that we are, it is ultimately… your choice.

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