As anticipated, the Right has been driven underground.

This is where we concentrate our efforts:

Signal: Instant messaging to people like a text message, but end to end encrypted and you can set it to automatically delete messages after a short time.

Clouthub: A complete social network that features internal encryption and is billed as a “next generation social network.”

Rumble: A variation on youtube with video hosting.

MeWe: Similar to instagram, designed as another “next generations social network”

Telegram: One foot in instagram, one foot in discord. Telegram offered encrypted services and the ability to form and join groups utilizing the app.

Those are the big ones that boomers seem to be using. We will of course also mention the other important alt tech alternatives. Free speech facebook. Free speech twitter. Free speech youtube.

If you have a presence on these, or are considering creating new profiles on social media, utilize these services. Additionally there is a service called “” where you can pay with cryptocurrency for one-time-use fake phone numbers to verify your identity on any website that requires a phone number. It’s generally around 1$ per verification.

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