And thus the hurricane begins.

Donald the Strong has not won by the requisite landslide, nor has his opponent, fumbly Joe. As such we are at the precipice, no one will accept the election results yesterday in the United States. No one will adhere to a meaningful analysis of the polling. There are two primary teams, the libertarian nationalists, and the far left anti-white extremists, and neither team is going to accept the results of this election.

Hero of the Republic Kyle R. stands against the despotic tyrants of the American red guard in the culture war. [2020 Colorized.]

I suspect that going forward things will get even more exciting. I, personally, was surprised on election night when it looked like Trump had clearly won. It wasn’t until waking the next morning that my expectations were met. An absolute dumpsterfire. Riots, looting, war, violence, protests. Here we are, right where I was anticipating we would be. I suspect that this will be marked at the beginning of the civil conflict at some distant point in the future when one team wins and can point to how the other team was entirely fault. Until then, It seems likely that in a fair number of instances in the future, there will be a requirement to utilize the most base of all human currencies; violence.

A lot can change in the next few years. Chaos is a ladder.

So where do you see yourselves in five years? I’ve got some ideas, but I don’t think the democracy will stand in its current state. I suspect that the Supreme Court of the United States will at some point have to make a ruling that the crone Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like. Some one will refuse to obey court rulings, national guard will be called in to enforce it, the state will activate their national guard in response and the war begins. We’ve got an exciting and dark number of years ahead of us, that will be remembered by the date that the Saxon began to hate.

When the dust settles, hopefully the networks of people like us will be strong enough and widely spread enough that we can pick up the pieces and create a beautiful future for our people, and secure the existence of our children. Stay armed, stay safe.

“So it’s 3 days after the election and I think I’m ready to make a prediction. Biden wins. Trump challenges the election, draws out a bunch of indefensible legal actions, and the senate ends up voting to decide the president. Trump loses the senate vote because of republican defectors. Trump continues to call himself the legitimate president and half the country supports him. America has two presidents. Then then fighting starts.” -Potato


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