An Open Letter to My Jewish Relatives


Dear family, friends, and acquaintances,

We have been living in an extraordinary time in history. Engorging itself on the fruits of the Industrial Revolution, the State expanded during the 20th century to unprecedented size. In the context of this discussion, the distinction between a State and government is crucial. A government is an organization that provides as its core activity territorial protection. A State is territorial monopoly on ultimate decision making. These concepts are easily confused because all governments today act as States to some degree. Government is an institution; the State is a state of behavior, i.e. monopolization. Monopoly is by definition destructive because it requires the violent suppression of competition. Large market share is a necessary effect, but not a necessary cause of monopoly. A monopoly cannot provide service as well as a market because it lacks the necessary property norms that generate prices, which are essential signals in allocating scarce resources in accordance with people’s values. To justify its existence, therefore, the State must deceive its customers into believing that they are better off under it. It does this through propaganda.

Spirited Away

A mighty boon to State propaganda in the 20th century was the development of large-scale instantaneous communications technology which birthed the industry we call mass media. One of the most ingenious pieces of propaganda is that this industry holds those in power to account with an “independent” or “responsible” press. This belief is aggressively reinforced not only through mass media but through the school system, which the State gained control of concurrently with that of the media. The latter was achieved through cartelization of the industry beginning with the Federal Radio Commission act of 1927 and later with the creation of the FCC in 1933. The immense influence wielded by the State over the media has not waned since World War II as Project Mockingbird and the exposure of the Deep State’s false flag propaganda in favor of current wars in the Middle East show.

Mass media is not only a tool of the Deep State however. It is also manipulated, both directly and through the State apparatus, by a coalition of other interest groups that are far from monolithic though united in their desire to effect some form of global “progress” through political means. This coalition comprises financial interests, academia, large corporations (especially Big Tech, Big Pharma and defense contractors) and various NGOs. Progress means different things to different factions, but what their visions have in common is that their full ramifications must be obscured with propaganda lest they lose moral legitimacy in the eyes of the masses.

I doubt that little of the above will surprise any of you. What will challenge you at least as much as it challenged me, however, is the sheer magnitude of the deception that conspiratorially manipulated mass media has wrought over the past hundred and several years. By “conspiratorially” I don’t mean plotted by a single cabal of hooded Elders sitting around a conference table with steepled fingers contemplating a holographic globe projected from the center of a Satanic pentacle, as Hollywood and other bad actors would have you believe. The term “conspiracy theory” is itself a documented CIA psyop and was part of Project Mockingbird referred to above. The most effective deception involves convincing the targets that they are free shoppers in an unregulated intellectual marketplace, where “kooks” and “crazies” are out-competed by honest, responsible, expert specialists. This is done by elevating and subsequently debunking and humiliating antiestablishment types who are some combination of stupid, insane, outlandish and tawdry. Actors may be used in some cases but the most convincingly promoted false opposition is true believers. The real opposition is deplatformed, smeared (often by association with the false opposition), physically threatened, subject to frivolous and selectively applied legal action and sometimes even murdered. The suppression of effective opponents of the ruling class is part of the real conspiracy. As I have explained above, the ruling class, via the State, must engage in deception to advance its interests. This deception is part of the ongoing effort to maintain power. In a truly free world there is a high rate of turnover among the super rich. In the world in which we live there is such turnover among a segment of this class, but there is another segment that has kept fabulous wealth within its constituent families for centuries. This dynastic continuity of wealth is possible only with the assistance of the State in creating legal privilege for these families.


This plutocratic relationship is a symbiotic one, as these families can use their influence in their industries to provide service to the State. The media and financial industries are two notable instances. This symbiosis is what I mean by conspiracy. It involves secretly planning and executing schemes designed to maintain, entrench or increase wealth and power. These schemes vary in the level of secrecy both in planning and execution. An aborted Deep State operation such as Operation Northwoods may become a matter of public record decades later once declassified. An assassination may be carried out in broad daylight at a public event (JFK) but the true motive may be concealed indefinitely. Conspiracy is not something that exists only in the febrile imagination of a paranoid schizophrenic (psychopathologizing antiestablishment attitude is yet another effective means of marginalizing genuine opposition – see “sluggish schizophrenia” in the Soviet Union. Projection is actually the psychological phenomenon of real relevance in what I’m sharing with you below – you’ll understand why when you watch it) but an apodictic necessity of the symbiosis described above. In other words, we know that conspiracies happen because they must. It is for us to ferret out whatever details we can with the acceptance that many details will be unavailable to us, perhaps permanently, because of the very nature of conspiracies. The “grand conspiracy”  that “collapses under its own weight” as portrayed in Hollywood and the corporate media is a grand straw man. The ruling class are of above average, but not preternaturally exceptional intelligence. They are far from demigods in knowledge, if not ego. The key advantage they have over us is the luxury of time. Their wealth affords enough of it to plot schemes with a very high degree of sophistication on timescales spanning multiple generations or even centuries. They have had far more time to do this than we plebs have had to investigate them. This asymmetry is starting to diminish, however. More on that later. The pattern of evidence their conspiracies produce is exactly what we would expect from fallible human beings with sufficient wealth, power and media influence to brainwash the bulk of the masses into compliance with their schemes and marginalize or even mortally threaten those who perceive the glitches in the Matrix they’ve programmed. Because they are fallible human, if not humane beings, however, they botch their schemes and leave traces on a regular basis. Following the clues and putting the patterns together requires an independent attitude and intellectual fortitude. The political correctness that the ruling class propounds is war on such pattern recognition. Speaking as someone who is naturally much more resistant to this type of programming than most, I am still shocked at the degree to which I was deceived. The piece that I am sharing with you below, along with similar material, has convinced me that the 20th century was much more exceptional than the already considerable extent that the conventional view recognizes. It is this framing that I find mitigates the shock of this redpilling experience somewhat.


The thought process described above regarding conspiracies is deductive rather than inductive. It is analogous to the methodology of Austrian economics (i.e. real economics – neoclassical mainstream econ is mostly pseudoscientific apologia for bankster cronyism) of which my intellectual hero Murray Rothbard (to whom I owe much for the content of the first paragraph) was a great exponent. I mention this because for a long time I was mired in the positivist trap of believing that science must be methodologically uniform. The methods applicable to the physical sciences are not applicable to the social sciences and even the biological ones to a certain extent. Humans are sufficiently different from other organisms to merit their own method of study. I do believe however, that although reason can be applied in different ways, reason itself is irreducible, as well as indistinguishable from common sense. Reason is not some arcane art that is the exclusive province of a priesthood or the faculty of an elite university’s social studies department (historically they are effectively one and the same). It is neither a mechanical algorithm as the Bayesian monomaniacs believe nor divine revelation as the Neoplatonists do. If you can think clearly, critically and objectively, and are patient, diligent and humble, you can discover the truth via reason for yourself no matter your credentials, specialization, or how strongly the zeitgeist militates against independent inquiry. I suspect this view is more intuitive to many of you than it was for me. It to your common sense that I appeal with this outreach. For you to benefit from it does not require prodigious intellectual effort but it does require genuine open-mindedness.

I emphasize open-mindedness here, as well as the qualities of independence and objectivity because heretofore I have set up this revelation I am sharing with the rather dry, scholarly themes of libertarian public choice theory that do not provoke much of a visceral response in most people. This is about to change. Though persuasive and interesting to nerds like me, I realize that for most others it is not, that most people are persuaded by appeals crafted through dramatic fables, religious narratives, human interest stories and such. Above all people are persuaded by appeals to morality. Morality to me is the justification of one’s existence in terms of one’s identity. The most emotionally charged matters of the human condition are those concerning the most fundamental aspects of existence and identity. The most fundamental identity there is that of the family. Our family members are typically of such value to us as individuals that even though our mental individuation is absolute (we cannot literally think or feel for another person) that their loss can render all other values effectively valueless. Not far down from our immediate family in terms of value is our extended family, and typically of even lesser, (but still immense in absolute terms) value is race. A race is a group of people of common ancestry with some degree of inbreeding. It forms the foundation for nationhood, which is typically the group identity second only to family or friends in importance for normal people. The various races and nations of the world substantially differ in non-trivial ways. In multiracial societies this results in what is called identity politics. This term is redundant, however, because all politics involves pursuit of an interest with respect to some identity or another. Politics is a product of a political system that fragments power, which foments factionalism. The Founding Fathers feared factionalism but did not realize that liberal republicanism foments it worse than just about any other system except direct democracy. Today most nations of the world exist under a liberal, demotic yet highly undemocratic political system that I refer to as the Progressive World Order. It is a media/financial/military empire advertised as the apotheosis of liberalism, of politically engineered progress. If progress is to include moral progress, however, which it does to most of the order’s proponents, then under my definition of morality this posture is quite problematic with respect to identity politics. The belief in progress of this kind is the ideology of Progressivism or Whigism. It has a highly plausible spiritual ancestor in Protestant Christianity. To my mind it is still a literal religion, albeit no longer a theistic one, having adapted itself to the conditions of nominally secular liberalism and the fallout of the scientific revolution, particularly of its Darwinian theater. Every religion has a creation myth. The creation myth of the PWO is the Second World War. It is a morality play where the angelic ideals of Democracy, Tolerance, Peace, Love, and Equality triumphed over the demonic ideologies of Despotism, Bigotry, Violence, Hatred and Elitism.


If this is taken to be a validation of Progressivism, as it is for many Progressives, this apparently means that the view that history progresses toward the righteous. The righteous won because that view is itself righteous and righteousness always wins in the end. This utterly circular self-congratulation is a religious dogma, not a testable hypothesis. Moral might always wins over empirical right in the minds of the masses, however, and this way of thinking has certainly taken possession of the majority on both sides of the standard liberal/conservative spectrum. What is indisputable is that the Progressives won that war. As Clausewitz reminds us, however, war is politics by other means. Under the PWO there are winners and losers just like in there were in the war that established it. The documentary I am sharing with you below shows in no uncertain terms which nations and races were the winners and losers both during the war and under the PWO, as well as who was truly on the side of the angels, and by angels I really do mean the angels as kind-hearted liberals generally supportive of the PWO would define them. Although I am a hardheaded Randian individualist, the implications of the facts presented in the documentary shook me to the core of my dual racial identity: For those of you who do not know, I am biologically half Ashkenazi Jew and half European (ethnically I identify as the latter, which is why I refer to the former in the third person). Even if you do not care whether your race(s) go(es) extinct in a relatively short time after your lifetime, within your lifetime your shared identity with those of your race or nation is of significance to your individual well being whether you like it or not. The key concepts in this letter and of the documentary shared below are this: the identities of family, race, and nation, and their relationship to power, especially the power of media, finance and the modern state. Jews, especially those of my Ashkenazi strain, are and have been throughout modern history exemplary in operating these elements to their advantage. Jews, like all races, advance what they perceive as their ethnic interests. What is striking about them is the intensity of their ethnocentrism and the success they have enjoyed, especially in the 20th century. Striking perhaps, but not surprising, given the exceptional power at their disposal made possible by the rise of mass media and the centralized, international fractional reserve banking system made possible by the modern State. The Allied victory in WWII was a victory for a militant subset of world Jewry: Zionists and Bolsheviks. Though the Soviet Union is gone, with the Jewish Bolshevik element purged long before its collapse, Bolshevism is alive and kicking like a mule today, albeit in a mutated, more primal form that exploits grievances of underclasses in identitarian terms much more explosive than the dialectical materialism of classical Marxism. It has appropriated weapons beyond the State, however, that were not available to the original Bolsheviks, notably Christian Churches and NGOs as well as large corporations resulting in the phenomena of “woke” Christianity and capitalism. The State and the corporate media remain a massive reality distortion field, but their power and influence is waning thanks to the rise of a new mass medium: the World Wide Web 2.0. The censorship of dissident online voices by Big Tech firms is but a desperate death flailing of corporate media that will prove nugatory against the coming onslaught of uncensorable blockchain technology. The era of centralized control of a handful of TV networks and national newspapers has come to a welcome close. The ruling class can no longer hide their schemes thanks to ubiquitous smartphone cameras and livestreaming. They can no longer rob us en masse through fractional reserve counterfeiting thanks to cryptocurrency. There is much to celebrate but also much to lament, for the Progressive World Order, which facilitated their diabolical schemes greatly, has devastated the nations of the West, not just demographically and economically, but psychologically as well. The 20th Century, child of the Industrial Revolution, saw the rise of States and propaganda apparatuses on a industrial scale. Together they engineered wars of commensurate devastation and butchery. Truth, as it’s said, is the first casualty of war. It is also said that winners write the history books. We are taught this in school and pat ourselves on the back when we identify trivial instances of this. We are led to believe that the victors embellish a bit here and there around the contours of what is an essentially true narrative. This is true for most of history, but the 20th Century is not most of history. The defiled corpse of the truth that lies below is exhumed by the documentary and is a horrific sight. The documentary is twelve hours long. Its production values are modest. It is harrowing to the point of inducing physical nausea in me multiple times. It is wholly worth watching and sharing it with as many as possible, for to call it mind-blowing and Earth-shattering would be an understatement. Humans were not meant to be mind-controlled the way Westerners were since the Second World War. Consider viewing this the first step in a long epistemic healing process.


The documentary is called: Europa: The Last Battle

I do not expect you to accept all of its claims immediately and I would actually think less of you if you did. I’m on the fence on a several of them. Know however, that the overwhelming majority of them I have gotten second opinions on from people of tremendous historical knowledge and sterling honesty, and they corroborate the overwhelming majority of the most significant ones, leaving me in no doubt that the narrative presented is essentially correct. I have been able to do so because I have had a great deal of time on my hands recently. My life has not been easy for the past several years, and not just because of what I have learned about how the world really works. Suffice it to say, however, that I have decided to devote my present energies to disseminating this truth and engineering a soft landing for myself in all aspects of my identity in preparation for the inevitable fallout from this thermonuclear leveling of the PWO edifice. I’m fully open to conversation with any of you about this, painful as it may be, for at this point my peoples have little to lose.


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