Alexandria is Burning

The juden are going out of their way to destroy all digital files that do not adhere to their corrupt narrative. Powerful forces are in play and with a Biden presidency, they’ll have carte blanche to destroy everything. Below are a list of archive links compiled by a helpful anon. Archive what you can, where you can, when you can.

How many of you archive content? We need to do start doing it NOW.
It’s coming. Soon the internet will be purged. We need to archive everything. Save articles as pdfs and print the most important ones. Save videos to an external hard-drive.

Please also save articles with or (may be comped) These links are helpful for the time being.

PRINT the most important articles. There is a time coming where there may be no internet before the full crackdown happens. See: [Embed]

Don’t dox yourself, this records your screen when saving a video. If you have a better suggestion leave a link in the thread.

Here are some helpful links (updated with links from other anons):
>Video downloaders:
> for downloading playlists, channel uploads, etc
Archiving sites:
> for archiving sites
> for social media
> for audo files/podcasts

Other links:
>BLM riot footage:

Bypass Paywalls:


Helpful Links from Japan Anon:
General collection –!flYQGbzI!p1AFjtMuCLHQqocJqxV7rg

General Library –

Germanic Myth –!bENznApJ!zoLo1-76Rpraq_5ztpZ3SA

/his/tory –!dlZlDbqL!TXG5bGvWufONkrQAL7b7jA

/his/tory 2 –!51Q0waSI!4Ut-eePQr9YSjHJJTQs7Ew

/his/tory 3 –!HbBXzIjC!AjsOUnEGMpcQPrWQG_MdEQ

Homestead/History –!WQ1j0Q5A!BrV-uEsC2VZlhFsqJV-YHg

Languages –!x4VG3DRL!lqecF4q2ywojGLE0O8cu4A

Latin/Greek –!9o4QEIIK!P3piz8Bfw-z7jgb7Q8NWDg

Military History –!ZAoVjbQB!iGfDqfBDpgr0GC-NHg7KFQ

Philosophy –!MQBRHBJA!L_on3h-XUrtbc719UaMygw

Poems/stories –!6sgETKCa!vGFF5iTfCR6lH3ZLXaQorQ

Precolumbian Americas (Mesoamerican/Andean civilizations, tribes, etc) –!vtQ2EIKK!Z7R8gN5vTsfalKDn18jOmw

Religion –

Warfare –!x4JD1RzD!4_nIFmI2sBdSYg14j7pIdA

SIG –!ZuZmiBqZ!XhyEetUaj6an8ntb-U1AZw

Self-Improvement –!C7ZwlY4L!DP4JwX2dJWJdmjxbB7b7Lw

Zundel’s Bunker –!BGpDxQZR!nML6GBQ2DJPbqESkc8ZCtQ

Recommended Reading Screencaps –

Lit guides –!i74ljAyA!q-k3-msTUs6a_PVfJPLkeA

Art –

Anatomy and Art –!es1BSKQR!spODyd0iaQmMelGA2GscFw

Audiobooks –

History Audiobooks –

Infographs 1 –!qLZSECJJ!9F9Z28qzzuTWks96_IRyQw

Infographs 2 –!BxEThIaK!7EThxsN2Id7VkmgeplScUA

/pol/ books revised –!luAkkA4K!zsjjIB72LwF-ExFfDmX-XQ

/pol/ right –!8YhT1SwT!naXLsLCamWPYP6YxJZAopA

Psyops –!m00SjRRA!R_I9wzUTEhSN6spP35TyZg

SoF –!X3YFwarT!m5u6luYu9lnejW-IgYc71w

JQ –!UdxSVLJB!bgBwqzuFIV3z0HvCswA0dQ

3rd Reich archives –!ZuZmiBqZ!XhyEetUaj6an8ntb-U1AZw

German pre-war –!5Q5UFZIR!MvGFhWEPb03Qg3ZFOh5yKgv2Mc06cD8zUC

Asymptomatic Spread:
1. No asymptomatic spread:
Alleged Covid Health Effects:
1. Psychosis:
Deaths for 2020:
1. John’s Hopkins liars
2. CDC:
3. CDC:
4. John’s Hopkins:
4. Birx Says dying WITH covid is dying FROM covid:
April 2020

Empty Hospitals
1. Arrested for filming hospital:
1. Suspected of Covid:
1. State with strictest lockdown:
2. Sweden wants lockdown jan 2021:

1. Suspected of Covid:
1. State with strictest lockdown:
2. Sweden wants lockdown jan 2021:
1. masks increase spread:
2. Irishman jailed:
3. Not wearing masks criminalized:
Predictions and Conspiracy:
1. Kabala 2020:
2. Lockdown Plans:
3. Covid canada prediction:
4. Parasite viral delivery John’s Hopkins:
5. Epstein cellmate death:
6. Bill Gates Microchip ID thread AMA Reddit:

Travel Passports:
1. Vax no public T:
2. Americans “Demand” Covid pass:
Vaccine Injuries:
1. Dr. Has reaction:
2. Allergic reactions in Phizer and Moderna:
3. Vaccine kills man in Israel:
4. Swiss vaccine death:
Vaccine doesn’t work:
1. Positive after vaccine:
SARS vaccine causes damage:
SARS Vaccine causes severe damage:

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